Mr. Bradford's 4th Grade Blog-January 11, 2019

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A reminder that next Monday, January 21 there is no school in order to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.


Last week students’ read a Journey’s text, The Earth Awakens, a historical fiction story about the devastating Earthquake that shook San Francisco, California, in April 1906.

They practiced sequence of events, (an important comprehension skill), and visualizing as we read.

This week we begin our new novel Dear Mr. Henshaw, by Beverly Clearly. This book was awarded the John Newbery medal book.Students watched an interview with the author on Friday. We will begin reading Monday. It is written as a collection of letters and journals written by the main character, Leigh, a young boy. His parents have recently divorced, and Leigh and his mother have moved to a small town. The story evolves, as Leigh learns how to deal with what life has to offer him.

Spelling Skills: Base words and endings

Spelling this week: Lesson 13: more words ending with -ed, and -ing


This has been a very cool project. The students are so fascinated with taking things apart ans seeing what is on the inside.

Social Studies

The students are becoming experts on the Northeast Region of the US. They are working on knowing the abbreviations and the locations for all 11 states. They also drew a mental map of the region. Each student put their creative energies to use by making a creature with the shapes of the 11 states of the Northeast. Daily Geography focused on the Appalachian Trail. This week we will continue to work with the Northeast region. My plan is to give the quiz for this region on Thursday, 1/17. Daily Geography this week will also focus on the Northeast Region.


We have finished the unit regarding the introduction of long division. Next up is long division with decimals. We will start by evaluating decimals in the dividend and then move to decimals in the divisor.

Language Arts/Writing

This week we have started our adjective names, middle name.

This is for the LA and writing text


Work on Venture Mag. and Session #12 in the book with sacraments..

This is for the religion text

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