Mr. Bradford's 4th Grade Blog-February 8, 2019

Valentines Day -

We will have a gathering for Valentines day. If your child would choose to bring a card, they must do so for everyone in the class.


Book Report: Students must choose a Biography book by Wednesday for their upcoming in class report. We will be looking for books in my classroom library and the school library. Please refer to the form I sent home Friday and sign and return it, along with your child’s signature to assure the book is read by March 13th. I expect everyone to have a book and their parent form signed by Wednesday, Februrary 13th.

We will complete our novel Dear Mr. Henshaw this week. Students will take a comprehension/vocabulary test.

Skills: Journal and letter writing. vocabulary from our novel, explaining quotes in context, synonyms and antonyms.

Spelling: Lesson 16-Words with k, nk, kw sound (Test Thursday)


Amazing animals, especially the invertebrates. The x-games invertebrates challenge is out and is looking for animals and their ability to utilize their special characteristics on snow.

Social Studies

Between snow/cold days and my absences due to this lovely flu season, it’s been a crazy two weeks. But we are back on track and ready to dig in to the Western Region of the United States.. To keep our thoughts out West, we will be looking at a Landmark Map of the Grand Canyon National Park in Daily Geography.


We continue to explore the basics of fractions. This week we will finish creating a Fraction picture by identifying the whole and the pieces. In addition, we will identify and create equivalent fractions by multiplying and dividing. Next up, we will explore the meaning and process for reducing fractions.

On Tuesday, February 12, all 4th graders will be taking their 2nd STAR test in Math.

Language Arts/Writing

This week we will start to started use adjectives in our compare and contrast papers.



Working on Venture Mag. and weekly readings,This week we crated a document on Prudence and will share and explain to the k-4 class.

Up coming Masses:

Feb. 19 Mr. B'.’s class has choir

March 6th Mr. B.’s class has mass and readings.

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