Mr. Bradford's 4th Grade Blog-February 15, 2019


Dominican is proud to present this family-friendly and iconic musical. “Newsies” is the tale of newsboy Jack Kelly, who dreams of a better life far from the hardship of the streets. When Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst raise distribution prices, Jack finds a cause to fight for and rallies his army of newsies to strike. We will be viewing the show on Friday morning!

Valentines Day -

We will have a gathering for Valentines day. If your child would choose to bring a card, they must do so for everyone in the class.


Book Report: . I appreciate your help in keeping your child on track with their Biography reading. A reminder that March 13th is the deadline and when we begin working on the report in class. I gave them a pre-write/rough draft to work on while they are reading the book. The most important information to have down will be the time line. We will edit and work on the remainder of the report in class.

Students will take a comprehension/vocabulary test for their novel, Dear Mr. Henshaw this Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday they will begin a new Journey’s unit. This will take us into next week since we will be at Newsies during our reading time. Our Journey’s unit is a Narrative Nonfiction titled, Antarctic Journal. They will also read two additional related informational texts.

Skills: Summarizing, domain-specific vocabulary, and simile and metaphor

No Spelling lesson this week!


The invertebrate X games are in swing and the mollusks phylum seems to have a number of winners.

Next week we will start looking at plants getting ready for the state project .

Social Studies

Students will be working on a travel brochure featuring an interesting place to visit in the Western region. They were given the brochure template as well as their vacation spot last week. They will spend some time this week researching and then creating their brochures. Study Guides for the West will come home this week as well. I am planning a quiz for the Western states early next week. We will continue to work on the Grand Canyon Landmark map for Daily Geography. To help the students better understand the DHS play Newsies, we will be taking some class time to talk about the Newsboys Strike of 1899.


This week we will continue to explore equivalent fractions by multiplying and dividing. We will then move into reducing fractions by using GCF and divisibility rules. Next up will be comparing fractions.

Language Arts/Writing

This week we will continue to write paragraphs using adjectives in our compare and contrast papers.



Working on Venture Mag. and weekly readings,This week we crated a document on Prudence and will share and explain to the k-4 class.

Feb. virtue of PRUDENCE. We created a document using PRUDENCE showing definition, quotes and pictures that help us understand the meaning of this virtue. We will add to this document giving example of where we can use prudence in our daily lives.

Up coming Masses:

Feb. 19 Mr. B'.’s class has choir

March 6th Mr. B.’s class has mass and readings.

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