Mr. Bradford's 4th Grade Blog-March 1, 2019


Book Report: . I appreciate your help in keeping your child on track with their Biography reading. A reminder that March 13th is the deadline and when we begin working on the report in class. I gave them a pre-write/rough draft to work on while they are reading the book. The most important information to have down will be the time line. We will edit and work on the remainder of the report in class.

We are working on a narrative non-fiction text called Antarctic Journal. Students are researching domain-specific vocabulary and sequencing this story, along with a non-fiction leveled reader.

Skills: Simile and metaphor, sequence of events, domain-specific vocabulary, Greek and Latin word parts

Spelling: Journey’s lesson 17: Words with final /j/ and /s/ sound


We have learned how to classify plants and that plants produce food through this process called photosynthesis. Additionally, we have planted some seeds to see what medium, things grow in the best and how live starts from one cell to grow into the tallest living structure in the world. From here we will look at the impact of a cell wall on how things grow.

Social Studies

We’ll start out this week doing a Scavenger Hunt in the Western states. Then we are off to the Southwest Region, our last region of study! Because there are only four states to cover, this will be a quick turnaround. I think we are all excited to get back to focusing on Wisconsin. We still have a lot to learn about our great state! We will also start to talk about the 4th grade state project. Did your student guess Nevada for the Geography Challenge this week?


This week we will continue to explore fractions. We will be comparing fractions with like and unlike denominators. We will then move into adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.

Language Arts/Writing

This week we will continue to write paragraphs using adjectives in our compare and contrast papers. Adjective test this week, really


Working on the word injustice in one of our Venture Mag. article. In light of Martin Luther King’s B. day there are many thing to talk about.


Up coming Masses:

March 6th Mr. B.’s class has mass and readings.

The Last Great Race starts on Monday. We will start picking mushers and following the teams as they get started. Check it out.

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