Mr. Bradford's 4th Grade Blog-March 29, 2019


This Tuesday is our field trip to Madison. Please have your son or daughter pack a brown bag lunch and a pocket snack. This is a out of uniform day. The students will get a chance to visit the gift shops, and if they choose to, they may purchase a souvenir.

Monday is an out of uniform day to celebrate Spring! Students are also allowed to wear uniform shorts starting Monday.

On Wednesday, we will be having practice for the Variety show which takes place Friday night. Hope to see you there!

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The Carmex Factory tour! What a great day. Thank you to the Malin family for providing us with this amazing look at how a business runs and how a product is made and shipped all over the world.


Reading Log’s due Monday!

The kids did a great job presenting their biography reports and teaching us new things! So proud of them!

Titanic: We will complete our novel this week with a culminating test. Students will bring their vocabulary words home to study in preparation. After this, they will begin writing their Titanic Narrative Biography. Each student has a ticket on the White Star Line indicating who they are (a real person who was a passenger), their age, ticket number, where they were from, and what class they were on. They are using their new background knowledge to create a character in their eyes who experienced the beauty of this luxury steamship. Will they live or die? Were they on board with loved ones? What did they do on the ship those days prior? What were their final moments like?

The story is up to them. They are taking notes on specifics about the ship, as their biography should be in the same genre, historical fiction.

Students will have the menu passengers had at the last meal on the ship and listen to music of that time, feeling like they were there. We will watch a couple Titanic scenes of the grandiose ship and then they will take off in their writing.

Spelling: Lesson 21 VCV (vowel, consonant, vowel) patterns.


We are looking at many of the different crops that are produced in their state. Over the next week, we will also be doing some math including graphs and creating comparisons to how big their state is in acres.

Social Studies

The students had fun doing the Five Region State Sort! We are also off and running with the State Fair research project. This week we will be working on the Timeline piece of the project. The early inhabitants of Wisconsin will be the focus for Wisconsin this week. For Daily Geography we’ll be looking at a Cultural Map of Major League Baseball teams—just in time for opening day!

Students had fun doing the Five Regions State sort!

Students had fun doing the Five Regions State sort!



This past week we reviewed the basics of fraction by decomposing whole numbers and fractions. Next we will continue to explore fractions by applying the addition properties to adding fractions. Then we will continue to add mixed numbers and practice simplifying. Our goal is to have a pretest on Friday with a test on Monday.

Language Arts/Writing

Adverbs - Adverb name using all three. names.

We are starting to look at applying to colleges for the freshman class of 2027. This is not that far away.


What is a Holy Moment? I have been very impressed with these daily Lenten videos from FORMED.

This is something that I will ask myself and my students everyday?

Thank you for your help in getting students here early to preform their acts of kindness the crossing guards really appreciate it.

As a part of our Lenten journey, we are listening daily to Dynamic Catholic, interesting each day thus far has talked about happiness. Kind of a curious take on Lent

********Kaiser’s team traversed the nearly 1,000-mile trail from Willow to Nome in nine days, 12 hours, 39 minutes and six seconds.

The Last Great Race starts on Monday. We will start picking mushers and following the teams as they get started. Check it out.

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