Mr. Bradford's 4th Grade Blog-April 5, 2019


Titanic: Students are writing their Titanic Narrative Biography. Each student has a ticket on the White Star Line indicating who they are (a real person who was a passenger), their age, ticket number, where they were from, and what class they were on. They are using their new background knowledge to create a character in their eyes who experienced the beauty of this luxury steamship. Will they live or die? Were they on board with loved ones? What did they do on the ship those days prior? What were their final moments like?

The story is up to them. They are taking notes on specifics about the ship, as their biography should be in the same genre, historical fiction.

Students will have the menu passengers had at the last meal on the ship and listen to music of that time, feeling like they were there. We will watch a couple Titanic scenes of the grandiose ship and then they will take off in their writing.

Spelling: Lesson 22 VCV and VCCV (vowel, consonant, vowel) patterns.


Pecans to potatoes, those are some of the interesting state crops we are looking at. After looking/graphing things plant info on a state level we are now going to find out some interesting facts about this state plant. Starting later in the week we should be prepared to put all of this information into a slide show to present to the class.

Social Studies

We will be working on the state map and early history pieces of the State Fair project. The early inhabitants of Wisconsin continue to be the focus of our Wisconsin studies this week. We’ll be looking at the Mound Builders, learning about where they were located and how they lived. For selfish reasons we’ll be looking at a street map of Washington D.C. for Daily Geography. I’m heading there over Spring Break with my family and needed a little refresher of the area before we go!


Order forms for Summer Skills Workbooks went out two weeks ago. All orders are due on April 12. In addition, information was included for picking up the Summer Bridge Activities Workbooks from the Learning Shop.

This week we finished up the unit on adding fractions by having a pretest for chapter 11 on Friday and a test on Monday. Next up is multiplying and dividing fractions.

Language Arts/Writing

Adverbs - Adverbs and prepositions with a test later in the week.

We are starting to look at applying to colleges for the freshman class of 2027. From accounting to zoology, we are starting to look at all the different majors that are offered at these different schools.. once we decide, we will do research into everything from types of jobs to what research is taking place in these programs or departments.


What is a Holy Moment? I have been very impressed with these daily Lenten videos from FORMED.

This is something that I will ask myself and my students everyday?

Additionally, all the intermediate classes are saying the rosary every Friday.

Thank you for your help in getting students here early to preform their acts of kindness the crossing guards really appreciate it.

As a part of our Lenten journey, we are listening daily to Dynamic Catholic, interesting each day thus far has talked about happiness. Kind of a curious take on Lent

********Kaiser’s team traversed the nearly 1,000-mile trail from Willow to Nome in nine days, 12 hours, 39 minutes and six seconds.

The Last Great Race starts on Monday. We will start picking mushers and following the teams as they get started. Check it out.

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