Mrs. Kuhnmuench's 4th Grade Blog-January 25, 2019


Sunday, January 27th

10:15 Mass (Wear your school uniform and earn a dress down pass!)

11:15 Open House: Parishioners and current families are invited to the Innovation Center for a ribbon cutting ceremony and to see our technology in action.

12:30 Junior High Musical: The Little Mermaid, Jr.

Monday, January 28th

DRESS: Pajama Day!

1:30 Geography Bee - Grades 4-8

Tuesday, January 29th

DRESS:  Red & White Day

Mass with Dominican High School-Join Us!!

Wednesday, January 30th

DRESS: Wacky Wednesday!  From your hair to your shoes, be as silly as you can be!  How many colors can you wear? Mismatched socks? Backwards top?  The wackier the better.

1:30 Spelling bee

Thursday, January 31st

DRESS: Think: SUMMER! Let’s pretend it’s already summer!  Maybe you’re headed to a luau or just wearing shorts, but dress like we’re feeling warm ocean breezes. Be sure to layer on your way to school!

8:30 All School Prayer Service: Donovan Hall

8:45 Spirit Team Kahoot: Donovan Hall

9:00 Buddy Class: Virtue Activities

Friday, February 1st

DRESS: Favorite Team Friday. Wear your favorite team attire - either your own team or as a fan!

1:30-3:00 Spirit Teams - Minute to Win It

*Scholastic book orders due Tuesday or online by Friday.

*Help your child choose the saint they would like to research and report on. Decisions should be made by Wednesday.


Indoor recess fun…


Rowan amazing everyone with her card tricks at indoor recess.

This week will be a busy and diverse one for sure, as we celebrate our AMAZING Catholic School! Depending on the day, students will miss some classes as we do other activities for Catholic School’s Week, both in our classroom and as a school. Monday kids are encouraged to bring a book they are reading from home if they don’t have one here in their book box. They should also bring a stuffed animal Monday as enhance our pajama day theme!


This week we continue reading The Witches, by Roald Dahl. We began looking at literary elements and the difference between protagonist and antagonist characters. We will also evaluate various themes in this book. Kids will work on comprehension and vocabulary throughout the novel.

Skills: Writing from the first person point of view of a child in the story


Curiosity was at it peek this week. Clear out your garage because everyone wants to bring home “Everything” that we have taken apart. Do not worry I am, only going to allow a couple of pieces of stuff. From motors to speakers, lights and coils, they found them all and were able to get them to work. Next week we will start working on some invertebrates.

Social Studies

Due to the snow day, I didn’t get the Northeast Region quizzes sent home until last Thursday. So if you could sign them and return by Tuesday of this week, that would be great. Again, I just want to make sure the tests are seen by a parent! The Catholic Schools Week schedule is a little crazy, so I won’t see 4th graders every day. Because of that, I will continue to introduce the West as our next region. We will spend some time learning about the states that make up the Western Region as well as their abbreviations and locations. We’ll also continue to work on the physical map of the Rocky Mountain Region as our Daily Geography.


We have been exploring Divisibility Rules. We have used them to determine Prime and Composite Numbers and create Factor Trees. This week we will determine Greatest Common Factors and explore Equivalent Fractions. In addition, the students will utilize the divisibility rules to reduce fractions.

Language Art/Writing

Grammar: Unit 3: More present-tense verbs

Daily Oral Language: Every day as a large group we correct two sentences. I will also bring in our past and present grammar skills to continue to review.

Vocabulary: Chapter 9 vocabulary test was moved until Tuesday, due to our lost study time because of the snow day.

No Spelling this week!

Writing: Research for Saint Reports, Letter Writing


Further study on Martin Luther King, Jr. In conjunction with a writing unit: Writing a letter to Dr. King.

St. Monica School