Mrs. Kuhnmuench's 4th Grade Blog-May 31, 2019

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Goodness! How could it be the end of the school year already! Even the kids can’t believe how quickly it went! It has been a magical, wonderful year with this group. The beauty of them leaving my classroom this year is that I will have them again for reading class. I absolutely love the curriculum and the books we read in 5th grade! Thank you for entrusting your child to me every day. It has truly been my privilege!

The last day to purchase hot lunch is Wednesday. In addition, the end of the year field trip will take place on Thursday. The students do not need to bring any money. We will have a pizza lunch at Lazer Tag Adventure World. They may also bring money to purchase additional tokens for the games. The cost of the field trip already includes $6 worth of tokens per student. Hopefully everyone completed the online waiver.

Lastly, reports cards will be distributed on Friday after mass.


Literature Groups continue until Wednesday. We missed two reading classes last week, so if they don’t finish their novel I will send it home for the summer!

Battle of the Books: New lists are out. I will email the list and send a hard copy home on Monday! This is the time to get groups together and choose which books you would like to read. If your child isn’t interested in Battle of the Books, this is a great list to refer to for summer reading.

Summer Reading: I am listing some beneficial sites to use when looking for good books to read. The Whitefish Bay Library librarian came to school Wednesday to promote their summer reading program. They will also have all the Battle of the Books books in a separate section of the library.

Goodreads: A great site for 4/5th grade books especially, this site reviews and summarizes books for you.


Does matter really matter? We start with the building blocks of everything in science.

Favorite recipes. by Friday

Social Studies


I am SO proud of our 4th grade state experts. They all did a super job researching, writing, organizing and presenting the information about their states. I sent home their folders which contained the graded written research project rubric as well as the graded oral presentation rubric. I went over these rubrics several times over the course of the state fair work, so they knew what they would be graded on. Job well done for all of them!

These last few days of class we will be finishing up our study of Wisconsin. Students will complete a WI state timeline as well as a WI state government activity. These are both in their social studies notebooks.

I have so enjoyed having your kiddos in Social Studies this year! We have had a terrific year of thinking, talking, and learning about our incredible state and country. I am so looking forward to seeing them all again next year! Enjoy every minute of summer!


This week we be short but full of the metric system. It has been a pleasure working with the 4th grade students, and I can’t wait to see them in the fall and hear all about their summer adventures. I’m hoping some of those adventures include math!

Language Art/Writing

This week we will review grammar skills. Students will write in their journals and prayer journals.

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