Mrs. Kuhnmuench's 4th Grade Blog-September 6, 2019

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The fourth grade class is rolling right along with the new school year. We will be hosting the Intermediate back to school orientation night next Monday, September 9 from 6:30-7:30. The school schedule for orientation is the following:

5:30-6:30pm Grades 1-3

6:30-7:30pm Grades 4-5

7:30-8:30pm Grades 6-8

For grades 4-5, parents should meet in their student’s homeroom at 6:30 for a 20 minute orientation. Parents will then proceed to the other classrooms for 10 minute sessions.

The September Virtue of the Month is Faith. Our focus this month is raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer. We will be participating in the G9 Coin Collection. Each homeroom will be collecting all types of coins. The grade that collects the largest amount will earn a pizza. party. Please begin sending in your spare change on Monday. The competition runs through the end of the month.


We have spent the last two week in reading class learning about various genres and the difference between fiction and non-fiction. We ended the week reading a mystery and trying to solve it by stopping frequently to predict and check for understanding.

Reading Logs! On Monday I will hand out your child’s first reading log. We will go over expectations and how to use it. Each log is one week long but double sided, therefore it will be handed in every two weeks. All dates are on the log. My expectation is that your child reads a total of 100-120 minutes a week at home. It can be accomplished by reading a few times a week or 15 minutes a day - whatever works for your child!

This week we will read a story in Journey’s titled My Brother Martin about Martin Luther King Jr. We will also read about the poet Langston Hughes. The comprehension skill we will focus on is author’s purpose and checking for understanding. We will also work on background knowledge of the Civil Rights movement.


Each student has received a a mineral/rock from on the periodic table to research and find some interesting stuff related to it. So we started the year and will end the year working on the periodic table.

Social Studies

We are ready to roll in Social Studies! These past two weeks have given us the opportunity to get organized and into our daily routine for Social Studies class. We have completed our first Presidential Challenge and found the first Where Am I destination. Our first area of study will be maps. We will be doing an activity in our interactive notebooks that will help us understand many different types of maps and how they are used


This week we have been working on reviewing multiplications and place value. The students were introduced to place value behind the decimal. Next week we will continue with place value including how to evaluate and compare numbers behind the decimal. This Friday, all students in 4th grade will be taking the STAR math test. There is no preparation for this test. It is used to help me establish a benchmark for the students.


Prayer journals are being created this week. The kids will write in them every week as part of our religion and writing curriculum. We will also begin our first unit in our religion books Finding God. St. Teresa of Avila, creation and theological virtues are some of the main topics covered.

Language Art/Writing

Grammar: Unit 1 - Sentences We are currently working on types of sentences and will focus on subjects and predicates this week.

Writing: Students have journaled and written a little about themselves. Next week they will practice learning how to use the writing process as they begin a paragraph about themselves and their character traits.

Vocabulary: We will begin our first Vocabulary unit this week in the Vocabulary Workshop books. Vocabulary workshop implements best practices in the areas of vocabulary development and skills. The program provides direct instruction and contextual learning of specific vocabulary words. Students are introduced to 13 Vocabulary words each week. (This is in addition to our reading vocabulary). We will work on meaning, synonyms and antonyms, context, word study and word associations and writing. The second week they will review for a unit test on those words.

Spelling: We will begin our first spelling lesson Monday. Short and long a. Students will take a pretest Monday and create a personal spelling list based on that test. I will explain more on parent night. Their final lists will be 10 words. They will receive challenge words with the same vowel focus if needed.

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