Mrs. Kuhnmuench's 4th Grade Blog-September 20, 2019

Monday September 16 is week 2 drawing for the magazine sale!!

Monday September 16 is week 2 drawing for the magazine sale!!

Next Monday is homeroom class picture day. In addition, Friday, September 20 is an 11:30 dismissal.

The September Virtue of the Month is Faith. Our focus this month is raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer. We will be participating in the G9 Coin Collection. Each homeroom will be collecting all types of coins. The grade that collects the largest amount will earn a pizza. party. Please begin sending in your spare change on Monday. The competition runs through the end of the month.

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K-4 Buddy time!


Friday we wrapped up our Martin Luther King, Jr. story. This week students will begin their first novel, Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner. This story is realistic fiction. The story centers on a boy named Little Wily who enters a dog sled race in order to win $500 to pay back the taxes on his grandfather’s farm. It takes place in Wyoming where he lives with his grandfather on a potato farm. This is also on the Battle of the Books list this year.

Most of the reading we will do together as a large group as we read and discuss and practice reading skills such as main idea and details, theme and author’s purpose.

Reading Logs! This Monday students will turn their reading log over to the second week. It will be due next Monday.My expectation is that your child reads a total of 100-120 minutes a week at home. It can be accomplished by reading a few times a week or 15 minutes a day - whatever works for your child!


We have started on matter. With atoms being the building block of matter, we will continue to look to the periodic table to give us a base about how matter works.

Social Studies

We will continue to work on maps this week in Social Studies. Students will be looking at a map of the counties in Wisconsin. We will be identifying several specific counties in our state, including Dane where Madison is located as well as several of the counties surrounding Milwaukee county. The focus of Daily Geography this week is Globe lines. We will be looking at our axis, equator, prime meridian and the North and South Poles. Did your kiddo let you know who the president was in our challenge this week?


This week the students practiced ordering whole numbers and decimals. Next week we will take a look at the four ways to write a number; Standard, Word, Short Word, and Expanded Form.


This week we will define Salvation, explain what happens when we give into temptation, and retell the story of Adam and Eve. A large part of our conversation will be focused around free will.

Language Art/Writing

Grammar: Unit 1 - Sentences We are currently working on simple subjects and predicates.

Writing: This week students will begin their first writing piece using a build a paragraph organizer.

Vocabulary: Vocabulary test Friday for lesson 1. Books will come home to study by Wednesday

Spelling: First spelling lesson went well. This week is lesson 2, short and long e. An individual spelling list will come home with your child on Monday.

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