Mrs. Boettinger's 5th Grade Blog-February 16, 2019


Dominican is proud to present this family-friendly and iconic musical. “Newsies” is the tale of newsboy Jack Kelly, who dreams of a better life far from the hardship of the streets. When Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst raise distribution prices, Jack finds a cause to fight for and rallies his army of newsies to strike. We will be viewing the show on Friday morning!


This week we will begin a Narrative Nonfiction unit in Journeys, Lewis and Clark. The target comprehension skill is main ideas and details. We will also explain historical events. The vocabulary strategy is Analogies.

THURSDAY IS FREE READ DAY! Students will be reminded to bring their book report novel to class to read during class time! Friday we will be at Newsies and not have class.

Book Report: . I appreciate your help in keeping them on track with their reading. This will be their only reading homework this month, so I expect them to read nightly. A reminder that March 6th is the deadline and when we begin working on the report in class.


We still have different sphere experiments in the room producing different aspects of the spheres. We have cups of water still producing , condensation, rain. Another is growing plants in a sealed environment.

Unfortunately, one of the seasons, the sturgeon season has started, but we will start to look at all the animal types in WI. There is a lot of them

Social Studies

The totem poles are up! The students did a great job. They will finish typing their narrative stories on Tuesday. Both project pieces are due on Wednesday. Due to the snow day last week and the short week this week, we will continue to work on the Arctic Tundra for Daily Geography. While learning about the tribes of the Arctic, we will be working on the ACE reading strategy: answering questions, citing in the text where the answers were found and explaining those answers with details. To help the students better understand the DHS play Newsies, we will be spending some class time this week talking about the newsboys strike of 1899.


We have moved into multiplying and dividing fractions. The students will be challenged to not only perform the operations accuracy, but also understand what is happening when we multiply and divide fractions. This week, we will review the process of cross canceling or reducing before we perform the operations. We will also review dividing mixed numbers.

Language Arts/Writing

The Lesson 9 spelling test focusing on compound words was moved to this Wednesday, February 20th. Sentences were due last Thursday. We will review the words in class on Tuesday. As a reminder, the list contains words both with and without hyphens.

In Grammar this week we will be reviewing common and proper nouns as well as singular and plural nouns.


This week we will look at the sacraments of Reconciliation and Confirmation. We will also spend some time reading this week’s Venture magazine which reminds how Jesus teaches us to love our enemies.

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