Mrs. Boettinger's 5th Grade Blog-April 5, 2019

Madison Trip 2019. So proud of this group!

Madison Trip 2019. So proud of this group!


The Cay: We will complete our novel this week. As a final assessment, students will work on a detailed plot diagram for The Cay. We will begin a Journey’s unit when completed.

I was so proud of the 5th graders’ efforts in typing up their report, using study hall time and time at home, to create such nice posters for their historical fiction newspapers. The presentations were great and everyone was so respectful as they listened to their friends presenting. Good job guys!


Newton has a lot of rules we hope to apply them to understanding and calculating physics in our world.

Social Studies

The plan is to finish up the Age of Exploration this week. We will take Monday to complete our experience of “Living as a Sailor.” Ask your student about their role on the ship. Not everyone can be a captain! Leadership, work, lodgings, food, sickness, punishment, risks and rewards are aspects that we are talking about. Daily Geography will focus New York City, where many landmarks are named after Explorers.


Order forms for Summer Skills Workbooks went out two weeks ago. All orders are due on April 12. In addition, information was included for picking up the Summer Bridge Activities Workbooks from the Learning Shop.

We have moved into Geometry. Last week we classified triangles and calculated their inside angles. We have begun to identify and classify polygons. This week we will review symmetry, Translation, Rotation, and Reflection. We will have a pretest for chapter 13 on Thursday followed by the test on Friday. Next up, we will evaluate Integers.

Language Arts/Writing

This week we will really be focusing on our Compare/Contrast essays. We will be doing some brainstorming as well as talking through the compare/contrast writing process. The students will also be doing some research for their essays.


This week we will gather in the church with the Intermediate classes at 11:15 on Friday and pray the fourth decade. Please join us if you can.

We continue to reflect on Lent with a class booklet and bible studies.

We will also read about the Gospel in our Venture Magazine:

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