Mrs. Boettinger's 5th Grade Blog-May 17, 2019

There is no school on Friday due to a teacher in-service. In addition, there is no school on Monday in order to celebrate Memorial Day. Enjoy!

There is no school on Friday due to a teacher in-service. In addition, there is no school on Monday in order to celebrate Memorial Day. Enjoy!


Reading Logs due Monday! Make the last the best! Please continue reading like you have been all year. T

New Novel: Island of the Blue Dolphins By Scott O’Dell This week we began the novel based on a true story. It won the Newbery Award. Island of the Blue Dolphins is set on the island of San Nicolas, off the coast of California. It tells the story of the Indian girl Karana’s life from 1835-1853, when she is left alone to survive for years on her tribe's island after a series of unfortunate events. A wonderful story of survival, heartache, and tribal history. This book may come home to complete a chapter for homework. Students are working on comprehension skills and vocabulary throughout.


This past week we have building robots and learning some programming. Next week the teams will have to defeat a course.

Free day at Discovery World, May 5th.

Social Studies

We finished up our study of the European Settlements in North America. As a final activity, students completed a map in their interactive notebooks labeling which country settled in what area.

We will spend the next two weeks learning about the 13 Colonies. Students will be placed in a small group that will be representing one of the 13 early English Colonies. They will be doing some research about the colony, completing a graphic organizer and then creating a poster using the information from their research. Students will then present their posters to the rest of the class.


This week we have been evaluating one-step equations. In addition, we have been evaluating unit pricing and taxes. This week, we will take a look at Customary and Metric Systems by converting measurements.

Language Arts/Writing

Students started researching their National Parks last week! They worked on researching the history of their parks. This week we will be creating an “instagram post” about their parks (not on-line, just recreating on paper what an instagram post of their park might look like!) and add some snapshots of the park as well. They seemed excited about doing the research! Ask your child which park they are learning about!

Students will work on Lesson 16 in their Grammar books this week. We will be taking a closer look at Direct Objects in sentences.


Our class did a super job at mass last week! Thank you to those who were able to celebrate with us. You are always welcome to join us for Adoration on Thursdays as well.

We finished up Holy Orders last week. Anointing of the Sick will be the focus for this week. We will be doing a “Sacramental Sort” activity as culminating activity for our study of the Seven Sacraments.

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