Mrs. Boettinger's 5th Grade Blog-September 6, 2019


Here are a few things to keep in mind for this week.! The last day to purchase hot lunch will be Wednesday. We will spend Thursday at Lazer Tag Adventure World. The bus leaves at 9:30, we will return around 1:00ish. Students do not need to bring any money. A pizza lunch will be provided and $6.00 worth of tokens are included in the cost of the field trip. However, if students want to purchase snacks or extra tokens, they can bring some money. But they will be responsible for holding on to it. Looking forward to a fun day!

Report cards will be going home with students on Friday. Please join us for Mass!

I have so enjoyed spending this year with your kiddos. I joked with them that I was not going to pass them on to 6th grade so that I could spend another year with them! They are that terrific! But I know that they are ready for all of the great things that junior high has to offer them. As a class, we have grown so much this year. We have grown by listening, laughing, questioning, praying, reading and talking with one another. I am truly thankful that you have entrusted your children to me. I have learned so much from them! They will only be down the hall, but I hope that they know my classroom door will always be open.

Enjoy every minute of summer!


This week students will complete their last novel of the year, Island of the Blue Dolphins.

Battle of the Books: New lists are out. I will email the list and send a hard copy home on Monday! This is the time to get groups together and choose which books you would like to read. If your child isn’t interested in Battle of the Books, this is a great list to refer to for summer reading.

Summer Reading: I am listing some beneficial sites to use when looking for good books to read. The Whitefish Bay Library librarian came to school Wednesday to promote their summer reading program. They will also have all the Battle of the Books books in a separate section of the library.

Goodreads: A great site for 4/5th grade books especially, this site reviews and summarizes books for you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for specific recommendations or reading questions! It has been a pleasure teaching 5th grade reading this year to this wonderful group of kids. I will miss them!


From building robotic arms to building paper airplanes we now will experience the science of flight.

THe question is why do Indy cars not fly?

Social Studies

These past two weeks, we have been learning about the original 13 colonies. Students have been partnered up, given a specific colony and are doing some research to complete their colony graphic organizers. With that information, they are creating a poster to be presented to the rest of the class. With the poster presentation, we are working on some persuasive speaking as well. While sharing the knowledge about their colonies, students will try and persuade others to move to their colony. So far these have been very entertaining!


This week we have been evaluating one-step equations. In addition, we have been evaluating unit pricing and taxes. This week, we will take a look at Customary and Metric Systems by converting measurements.

Language Arts/Writing

The National Park research projects are complete! The reports will be coming home this week. The students did a terrific job researching their parks, writing the report, mapping out travel routes, taking park snapshots, creating campfire song lists, and taking some selfies. Be sure to ask your child about their national parks and what they learned!


Last week we worked through Lesson 21 and 22 in our books, Making Moral Decisions and Living a Moral Life. We talked about listening to our conscience as well as the many ways that God helps us make the right choices. In small groups we worked through several different scenarios that presented some moral challenges. The discussions that these situations created and the choices made by the students were so thoughtful. They learned that the choices we make everyday are important!

We had an end of year celebration with our K5 buddies. The students worked together to create a beautiful “Go Out to the World” sidewalk chalk mural on the front sidewalk. Some popsicles might have been shared as well!


Creating our mural and having a popsicle treat!


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