Mrs. Boettinger's 5th Grade Blog-September 6, 2019

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The fifth grade class is rolling right along with the new school year. We will be hosting the Intermediate back to school orientation night next Monday, September 9 from 6:30-7:30. (My apologies, I mistakenly told you it was on Tuesday, Sept 10th in my letter home last week!) The school schedule for orientation is the following:

5:30-6:30pm Grades 1-3

6:30-7:30pm Grades 4-5

7:30-8:30pm Grades 6-8

For grades 4-5, parents should meet in their student’s homeroom at 6:30 for a 20 minute orientation. Parents will then proceed to the other classrooms for 10 minute sessions.

The September Virtue of the Month is Faith. Our focus this month is raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer, a cause near and dear to the SMS community. We will be participating in the G9 Coin Collection. Each homeroom will be collecting all types of coins. The homeroom collecting the largest amount will earn a pizza. party! Have your child do some extra chores to earn some coins. We will start collecting money on Monday. The competition runs through the end of the month. Go Room 15!


Welcome back parents! Last week we spent a lot of time going over fiction and non-fiction story elements and text features. Students also worked on a fiction genre booklet. We will create a non-fiction booklet later this year. We read a few nonfiction stories in Storyworks Magazine and began our first story in Journey’s, a humorous fiction selection.

This week we will read a Play A Royal Mystery and practice expression and elements of drama. They will then read a fairy tale and analyze the themes. By the weeks end we should begin our first class novel Matilda, by Roald Dahl.

There will not be a reading log this year. Students are expected to read at home as much as last year. They will be accountable for their outside reading in how they use it in class and the books they list in their reader’s notebook as well as our conversations.

I expect them to have a chapter book they are reading in school every day. They can bring one back and forth from home or keep one here as they read another at home. I look forward to a GREAT YEAR! I love the books we will be reading as a class and how the days will be structured, with more time to free read and make gains in their reading fluency!


We have started to look at the building blocks of all living matter, the cell.

Social Studies

We are ready to roll in Social Studies! These past two weeks have given us the opportunity to get organized and into our daily routine for Social Studies class. We have completed our first Presidential Challenge and found the first Where Am I destination. We will be reviewing the states and capitals this week. After a quick chromebook review, many kiddos actually remembered more than they thought they would! We will start our Daily Geography this week as well. The Daily Geography topic is reviewing parts of a map. Here we go!


We began the year reviewing prime and composite numbers. In addition, we performed prime factorization to composite numbers and learned how to express the answer with exponents. This week we will continue with exponents by learning how to multiply and divide with base ten exponents. Lastly, we will begin to take a look at solving equations with variables.

Language Arts/Writing

We completed our first spelling lesson last week, looking at short vowel sounds. The words came home on Tuesday, glued in their assignment notebooks. We did several in class activities to help them prepare for the assessment on Friday. This week we will be working on Unit 1 in our Vocabulary books. Pages 10-13 will be due on Thursday, with the Vocabulary quiz on Friday. I will also be starting a Language Review that will be done weekly.


These past two weeks we have talked a lot about our classroom theme, which is Kindness. We will continue to work on this virtue all throughout the year in our classroom, in our studies, in our interactions with others and with ourselves. Kindness is so important! We will also meet with our K5 buddies and go to mass with them this week. Our focus in religion class is God Creates Us, which is session one in our books.


Having some fun on the drums in music class!

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