Mrs. Stillman's 5th Grade Blog-March 8, 2019


We will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 15 with an Irish Dancing assembly. It is also a casual green dress day.

Report cards will be going home on March 15. Please sign and return the envelope. The report card is yours to keep.

Iowa Standardized testing will continue this week. All four Intermediate teachers will be administering some sections of the test. Homework will be limited. The students are allowed to bring in gum or candy to help ease tensions. They will need to have a book available to read for when they finish early. Please limit absences to a minimum if possible. There will be make up days scheduled the week of March 18 for those who miss school. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Book Report work in class all week. Final drafts only will be completed at home.

Kids can choose to write or type their final pieces. They will also present their posters. Look on the homework site for the due date once we make that determination based on how long the rough draft work takes. We are practicing every piece together using our historical novel Number the Stars as a guide before they write their own piece. Monday will be dedicated to IOWA testing for reading , so we will miss a class work day.


This week will present the food chains and then we will Go from animals to mechanics, We will look at designing and building Robots to start and then we will start programming.

Social Studies

The 5th graders did a fantastic job on their Native American booklets! The next two weeks we will be looking at the Age of Exploration, also known as the Age of Discovery. This unit will cover why European countries explored the rest of the world in search of land, goods and trading partners. This first week we will be looking at European Explorers. And since we’re all a little tired from losing an hour of sleep, Daily Geography will focus on TIme Zones.


The students will be taking the math Iowa tests on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Monday and Friday, we will have regular math class where we will continue to evaluate the relationship between percentages, fractions, decimals, and ratios. This week we will take a look at calculating the percentage of whole numbers and how to determine equivalent percent from a fraction in real life applications.

Language Arts/Writing

Grammar: This week we will evaluate the relationship of adverbs to verbs, and how to use comparing adverbs.

Vocabulary/DOL: We move into unit 9 of vocabulary. The pages are due on Wednesday with the test on Thursday.


Throughout Lent, we will be reciting a decade of the Rosary once a week. This week we will gather in the church with the Intermediate classes at 11:15 and pray the second decade. Please join us if you can.

We will be reflecting on Lent with a class booklet and some bible studies.

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