Mrs. Stillman's 5th Grade Blog-May 31, 2019

That time of the year has arrived. This will be the last blog for the 2018/2019 School year. It has been a wonderful year full of growth and opportunities. I am so honored to have had your son or daughter with me throughout these past 10 months. We have truly bonded as a homeroom class, and I know these friendships will continue to blossom as they move into Junior High. I will miss the tired morning greetings, their excitement for Rocky’s pizza, and their enthusiasm for math homework! Next year, I hope they will take the time to stop by my room and tell me about their 6th grade adventures.


The last day to purchase hot lunch is Wednesday. In addition, the end of the year field trip will take place on Thursday. The students do not need to bring any money unless they choose to by snacks. We will have a pizza lunch at Lazer Tag Adventure World. They may also bring money to purchase additional tokens for the games. The cost of the field trip already includes $6 worth of tokens per student. Lastly, reports cards will be distributed on Friday after mass.

One more birthday. Last but not least, Max will celebrate his birthday on June 11.

One more birthday. Last but not least, Max will celebrate his birthday on June 11.


Battle of the Books: New lists are out. I will email the list and send a hard copy home on Monday! This is the time to get groups together and choose which books you would like to read. If your child isn’t interested in Battle of the Books, this is a great list to refer to for summer reading.

Summer Reading: I am listing some beneficial sites to use when looking for good books to read. The Whitefish Bay Library librarian came to school Wednesday to promote their summer reading program. They will also have all the Battle of the Books books in a separate section of the library.

Goodreads: A great site for 4/5th grade books especially, this site reviews and summarizes books for you.

This week students will finish their novel in Literature group. It has been wonderful listening to each group discuss their novel on their own. I truly hope their engaged reading carries over to the summer and on!!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for specific recommendations or reading questions! It has been a pleasure teaching 5th grade reading this year to this terrific group of kids!


This past week we have building robots and learning some programming. Next week the teams will have to defeat a course.

Free day at Discovery World, May 5th.

Social Studies

These past two weeks, we have been learning about the original 13 colonies. Students have been partnered up, given a specific colony and are doing some research to complete their colony graphic organizers. With that information, they are creating a poster to be presented to the rest of the class. With the poster presentation, we are working on some persuasive speaking as well. While sharing the knowledge about their colonies, students will try and persuade others to move to their colony. So far these have been very entertaining!

I have so enjoyed having your students in Social Studies this year! We have had a terrific year of thinking, talking, and learning about the history of our country.


From building robotic arms to building paper airplanes we now will experience the science of flight.

THe question is why do Indy cars not fly?

We will continue to practice solving algebra equations. In addition, we will spend some time learning how to graph functions.

Language Arts/Writing

Grammar: We will wrap up the year by taking a look at how to use Negatives. In addition we will review the rules for using I/Me, and We/Us.



We said goodbye to our buddies last Friday. We will miss their smiling faces.

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