Mrs. Stillman's 5th Grade Blog-September 20, 2019


The September Virtue of the Month is Faith. Our focus this month is raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer. We will be participating in the G9 Coin Collection. Each homeroom will be collecting all types of coins. The grade that collects the largest amount will earn a pizza. party. Please begin sending in your spare change on Monday. The competition runs through the end of the month. Thursday 9/26 is a Packer dress down day. Go Pack Go!

Please mark your calendars for the following field trips:

November 5, 2019 Holy Hill 9:15-1:30

November 19, 2019 Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra-American Reflections 11:15-1:30

We will need to pack a bag lunch for these two days. Please do not order hot lunch.


We continue reading Matilda, by Roald Dahl. We will work on vocabulary along the way. Skills this week with Matilda will be discussing theme, analyzing characters with character traits and summarizing a chapter.

Reminder: Students are expected to read at home as much as last year. They will be accountable for their outside reading in how they use it in class and the books they list in their reader’s notebook as well as our conversations.

I expect them to have a chapter book they are reading in school every day. They can bring one back and forth from home or keep one here as they read another at home.

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies we will be talking about the Five Themes of Geography: Location, Place, Region, Movement and Human-Environment Interaction. We will talk about these themes throughout the year. Be prepared for your kiddo to come home singing a catchy little tune about these themes by the end of the week. Daily Geography will be focusing on the four hemispheres. Did your child share the “Where Am I” with you this week? Did they wish you a Happy Constitution Day?


We are doing a little research on human cells. Of the 200ish cells in the human body, we are trying to get a glimpse of what these cells do.


This week we will explore the definition of area and apply the concept to rectangles using a formula. This brings us to the end of this unit. On Tuesday, the students will be having a pretest in class and as homework. On Wednesday, they will have a test on Chapter 1. Next up, we will have a short unit on circles and area.

Language Arts/Writing

This week we will continue with spelling. This week the words are long vowel sounds of a and e. The test will be on Friday.

In Grammar, we continue to review complete and simple subjects and predicates.

In writing, we continue to explore seven different types of topic sentences.


We will finish up session 1 with our drawings reflecting on the Trinity. We will then move into session 2, God Saves Us. Lastly, we will take a look at the Gospel in our Venture magazine: We are Called to Act Justly.

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