Mrs. Stillman's 5th Grade Blog-October 5, 2019


Heading to Mass with our Buddies!

There will be no school on Friday, October 11. This is one of the three conference days for 4th and 5th grade. The additional days are October 24th and 25th. Please use Option C to sign up for a conference time. All conferences will be in a group with all four core subject teachers.


This week we will finish Matilda with a written assessment. We will then watch the movie.

Kids will create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the movie and the book. We will discuss why these changes occur. After this unit we will begin a new Journey’s lesson.

Reminder: Students will be writing about the book they are reading independently at home this week.

Social Studies

We will take Monday and Tuesday to finish up our study of the Five Themes of Geography. Last week, each student chose a location anywhere in the world and applied the five themes to that one location. They used chromebooks as needed for research. The students chose some very interesting spots! Their posters are hanging up in the hallway if you want to take a peek. I will be giving an assessment on the Five Themes of Geography on Tuesday. We will review in class on Monday. I will encourage students to bring home their notebooks to study from on Monday night. Lines of Latitude and Longitude will be the focus of Daily Geography this week. Latitude and Longitude fit in nicely with Location, which is one of the themes of geography!

Sorting through the Five Themes of Geography!

Sorting through the Five Themes of Geography!


We have finished our presentations with cells and diseases. The students found some very interesting things to look at all for different reasons. The students also took strong ownership when they had the chance to choose the topic on which to look at.

This comming week we will look at how can we start to stop the spread of some of those germy cells in our school.


This week we learned how to apply the formula for Circumference to a circle. Next week, we will take a shot at measuring Circumference and Diameter and then using the information to calculate Pi. In addition, we will learn the terms Congruent and Similar. Lastly, we will take a look at Transformations.

Language Arts/Writing

This week we will have a spelling test on Thursday due to the short week. The spelling pattern is the long i and o sounds.

In Grammar, we continue to review subjects. This week we will take a look at compound subjects. Next up will be Prepositions.

This week in writing, we will finish the exploring the seven different types of topic sentences. We will then move into some creative writing: A Spooktacular Story!


We flipped our weeks and had a Buddy mass this past Wednesday instead of meeting up with them. This coming week we will meet up with our Buddies on Tuesday and read about the exciting world of bats!.

We will continue our unit on the 10 commandments. Lastly, we will take a look at the Gospel in our Venture magazine: Jesus Reaches Out to Needy People.

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