Annual Fund

St. Monica’s ability to provide a best-in-class Catholic education for students depends on multiple sources of support that range from monetary and specific subject matter expertise, to countless volunteers. The goal of the Annual Fund is to minimize tuition costs, and provide opportunity to as many children as possible.

Click here to make an online contribution to our Annual Fund.

Why your support is critical

The Annual Fund:

  • Finances 10%+ of the school year,

  • Provides you a voluntary, tax-deductible way to invest in the mission of St. Monica School,

  • Helps minimize annual increases, reducing by 50% the tuition amount that our school families pay for educating a child at St. Monica School,

  • Plays a significant role in compensating the school’s outstanding staff, and

  • Makes a St. Monica School education more affordable for all school families by reducing tuition expense by nearly $500 per student.

How can I contribute?

The Annual Fund campaign accepts support all year long via check, credit card, or stock.

Double your contribution – at no additional cost to you – through your employer’s gift matching program.